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I am Michael Flower. So, I love coffee. Welcome to my home. Let me put my cappuccino down and assist you in your tour. Let me guess. You want me to endorse your campaign. Really, darling, I would only support Hillary, so why come to me? No, that's not it. You want me to contribute to your cause! I have nothing to give. I gave thousands away a long while back when my parents passed away. Where were you then? Oh, yeah, was that you that threw an orange at me while walking home from school? Or, was that someone else? Ah! You want me to sing in your choir. Darling, I have burned my way through so many choruses that it was, I'm afaid, before you were born! So, come with me. Uh, this page is a sample of my work all done with hard-coding in HTML without any CSS.

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Join me as I work toward the awakening others of their misunderstandings! Blessings be upon all those that come here. Peace be to you and your family for I have no ill feelings toward anyone, at the moment, unless you are a drunken alcoholic or a leech. All others are welcome in my home. May the peace that passes all understanding descend upon you and remain forever. In my understanding, God is not jealous or revengeful, but loving and kind. I am a very awakened soul and describe myself as an agnostic. Surprised!?!? See: Buddhist

Personal Information

In the past, I have been a computer programmer, but I am currently happily unemployed. I am a gay (WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CLUE!), white male who is 55 years old who is "suffering" from AIDS; living on a government pension and "Welfare". Sad, but true.

Like I said above, I love coffee! Do I actually drink cappuccino? Of course... if someone else pays. But, I usually drink regular American coffee and pay for it myself. Would you like a cup? I just made a fresh POT. I do eat once in a while, but you would not know it by my weight is at a mere 148 lbs. dripping wet. The atmosphere in a good-quality coffee house is perfect for catching incredible local talent. While at a coffee house you can hear others sing, read poetry, or play a mean chess or card game. I would read tarot cards while there. But, alas, there is nothing like that here in this part of the planet. MAKE ONE! You see there was several around the neighborhood, but they all disappeared. That thing over there called "Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf" does not even come close to the mark. People should be able to go in and out at all hours of the night without fear of the police showing up with his bit of poetry. (Those who know, know.)

I am a Solitary Wiccan. Blessed Be! So, yes, that means that I was in a coven of witches. (This is where those "Christians" out there thumb their noses at me and say, "See! There.") So, we will just wait a bit while all the hypocrites leave the building. So, now that it is just you and left, which coven are you with? Again? Never heard of it. Did you know that there is now a school out there on the net? [ ]. Yeah, my mouth dropped open, too. It all started back when England was invaded by the Romans. They were not the problem. It was the church they behind. P-U! See: Buddhist

Buddhist -- On July XIV, MMXV, I have decided to follow the Buddhist philosophy, but not vegetarianism. And, I will still kill all the roaches in my house. (It is a fruitless effort for they are in the walls.) The following reference is to 3 HOURS Relaxation Powerful Meditation | Tibetan Monks Chanting | Singing Bowls | Background Yoga -- Published on June II, MMXIV -- Enjoy this video to relax your mind and body. In Buddhism, chanting is the traditional means of preparing the mind for meditation, especially as part of formal practice (in either a lay or monastic context). Some forms of Buddhism also use chanting for ritualistic purposes. While the basis for most Theravada chants is the Pali Canon, Mahayana and Vajrayana chants draw from a wider range of sources. [ Buddhist monks chanting ]


Did I mention that I am gay? I am gay and proud of it. Please be proud with me and join your local PFLAG at the national site [ click here ] or in your local organizations you already attend. PFLAG is the national organization of Parents and Friends (Families and Allies) of Lesbians and Gays.

[ Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4 ] -- New York Times (June XXV, MMXV), YES! YES! YES!!!
[ Homosexuality is not a sin or a sickness ]
[ Metropolitan Community Churches ]
[ Metropolitan Community Church of Las Vegas ]
[ Same-sex marriage in Nevada ]
[ Gay Chapel of Las Vegas ] (big business!)
Get the hint?

Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas with Mr Leather of Las Vegas at the Gay Pride Parade held on May 11, 2001.

Did I mention that I have AIDS? World AIDS Day is on December 1st. The University Medical Center (UMC) Wellness Center serves many AIDS patients. Donations to the Wellness Center are gladly accepted by them. :) Or, was that AFAN? Do they still exist?

I need to make a comment about this article. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT THE AIDS EPIDEMIC IS OVER. What it says is the spread of AIDS has lessened around the world. I am here as one of the 99% forgotten left that are still living with this disease, IT IS NOT OVER. Please, tell your friends to still get checked every six months because I and many professionals say so, Spread the world. July XIV, MMXV HIV: UN meets goal to treat 15 million

This is the AIDS walk for 2001 in Las Vegas. There have been many marches for the CURE of AIDS. So, when are YOU going to get involved?

AIDS WALK flyer for April XIX, MMXV

Penn & Teller promotion for Las Vegas AIDS walk of unknown year.

Contact Information

Email me! Email me at [ ] for I answer all email that are not SPAM.

Current Projects

  1. Becoming happy about being poor without anyone to help me except the US Government (Yeah!).
  2. Sowing the seeds of spiritual awakening in each one of us through gentle suggestion, accurate tarot readings, and listening to others. See: Buddhist
  3. Being a friend to those who can appreciate my conversation and my situation without abusing the privilege.
  4. Learning to knit and crochet with my dear friend and teacher.
  5. Writing web pages when I can figure it out. :)
  6. Writing programs in "C" and FoxPro (ask me).
  7. Enjoying transcribing music and hearing it play back!

Personal Interests and Beliefs

The Gay community

I am interested in the Gay Community because I have been aware of my homosexuality ever since I was 14. I have lost jobs and had several careers taken from me on this issue, but I do not let that stop me. The war is still not over as I am still finding bolt-holes of terrorists in places like the Mormon, Catholic, and Baptist churches who would like to use shock therapy to "cure" me. See: Buddhist

The AIDS epidemic

I am interested in AIDS research because I have contracted AIDS in 1993. I am still alive through the efforts of many people. As of this year, 2015, there is still no cure for this devastating disease. Please give generously to those known to support AIDS research. The government in my opinion is guilty with an evidence trail leading to a Germ-Warfare project laboratory located in Haiti.

Real Spirituality

I believe in The One. I am a solitary Wiccan. Spirituality is most important for ALL people. You have the entire power of The One at your fingertips. Find out about it and be awakened! See: Buddhist

The Family Genealogy

I am interested in the family genealogy because I have a very large listing of the family legend thanks to the efforts of my brother Richard for his fine research. I am done with this for finding many kings in my line going back to 640 CE. I now leave all genealogy to Richard for he is FAR better at it than me. :)

My ad on Craig's List of Las Vegas
This what I call music!
The Ottawa Greek Community perform a flash mob in the Byward market to promote the 2011 Ottawa Greek Festival.
Rubik's Cube Solution


This site is best viewed with an open mind. ©Copyright 2015 Michael Flower, all rights reserved. Thanks to my brother Bill and Richard Flower for all their help, past and present. Thanks for the government of the United States, the State of Nevada, the County of Clark, Metro Police, and my landlord. Thanks to the Welfare Division, Social Security, and the DMV. Thanks to the hardware tech that put this comuter together. Thanks to all those who participated in AIDS walks and Gay Pride marches in their location. Thanks to AFAN, Community Counseling Center, The Wellness Center of UMC, and the wonderful staff at Kindred Hospital. Thanks to my lover who died on October IX, XXIV. Thanks to The One for his work in all of our lives. May we all use what we learn wisely and may there be peace across the planet and in our lives once again. See: Buddhist

Always remember to have an open mind. See: Buddhist This is the Gay Flag on the left (where it should STAY), and this is the flag of the United States of America! (That's the one that stands for equal rights, NOT JUST FOR THE FAR RIGHT!)

Blessings be upon all those that read this entire page. See: Buddhist My life and this page are constantly under construction. Last updated Wed Jul 15 19:38:17 PDT 2015.